USACE-FED Yongsan Relocation Program

Yongsan Relocation ProgramCrystal, in partnership with CH2M Hill, provides program management services to accomplish Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence (C4I) program objectives for the Yongsan Relocation Program (YRP) and the Land Partnership Plan (LPP). These services enable master planning, governance and enterprise integration, facilities design, and construction management. The YRP/LPP C4I Program will relocate the C4I assets and capabilities of the United Nations Command (UNC) and US Forces Korea (USFK) from US Army Garrison (USAG) Yongsan, the Seoul Metropolitan Area, and US 2nd Infantry Division (2ID) areas north of Seoul, to USAG Humphreys in the Republic of Korea (ROK).

Crystal’s services assure uninterrupted availability and capability of C4I throughout relocation. Continuous enablement of assured and timely net-centric services create a secure, agile, robust, dependable, and interoperable data-sharing environment to support military operations. Warfighters, as well as administrators and intelligence providers, share knowledge inter-theater and across the global information grid, facilitating information superiority, accelerated decision-making, effective operations and net-centric transformation.

C4I Master Planning and Systems Planning and Integration

  • Crystal supports a ROK/US C4I Joint Working Group to validate YRP/LPP C4I Program requirements and capture them in a C4I program master plan.
  • Crystal provides C4I Systems Planning and Integration assistance to maintain currency of the C4I Program Master Plan and to plan the projects that will result in the migration, integration, and transition of YRP/LPP C4I systems.

C4I Governance and Integrated Enterprise Approach

Crystal provides the C4I program governance assistance and an integrated enterprise approach that assures seamless program integration and traceability across YRP/LPP mission, vision, strategic and operational goals and the tracking of metrics that insure requirements are being met. Applicable deliverables include:

  • Products describing baseline architecture, target architecture and transition plan
  • Products that document change and describe baseline and target performance, data, services, and technology architecture.
  • A C4I program roadmap that sustains stakeholder focus on critical program activities and milestones
  • A C4I enterprise transition plan that influences the enterprise investment strategy

Program Management Services

Crystal provides program management services supporting program controls, stakeholder communications and a comprehensive suite of program management tasks:

  • Program controls services: cost estimating, cost and budget management, scheduling, change management, and risk management
  • Communications planning and execution: advice to the ROK/US C4I Joint Working Group and other stakeholders such as other departments and agencies, relocating units and organizations, C4I providers, and other government contractors

  C4I Program Management:


  Vision and Strategy Development    

  Quality Assurance

  Technology Insertion Planning

  Contracting and Acquisition

  Program and Project Scheduling

  Portfolio Management

Facility Design and Construction Management

Crystal provides a full range of facility design and construction management services:
  • Advice and guidance that ensures that the requirements and design process of all facilities is integrated with the communications requirements and meets all applicable standards.
  • Advice and guidance that ensures that the planning and programming of facilities is accurate and accounts for all requirements and costs needed to design and build a functional facility.
  • Review of design submittals, providing and assessing compliance, identification of design issues, and recommended changes to save costs.
  • Acquisition planning and bid support to acquire detailed design firms and construction agents.
  • Quality assurance, construction site access and support for change management during construction.